Members of the cDMAT Core Group

The objective of the cDMAT Core Group during the years between 2008-2015 was to research and create a developmental milestone assessment tool that is culturally and environmental specific to Cambodian children. In 2018, with the help of the local professionals and international experts, the group created the cDMAT and the ‘spin-off’ CB-DMAT. Today, the cDMAT Core Group is made up of career professionals with a common goal – to improve, maintain and disseminate the cDMAT and CB-DMAT. Meet the members of the cDMAT Core Group.


Chanpheakta Ngoun
  • Founder of cDMAT
  • Hospital Director of Angkor Hospital for Children
Lina Saem Stoey
  • Volunteer at Angkor Hospital for Children


Piet De Mey
  • Consultant specialized in the health and disability sector in Cambodia


Khoeun Rachana Khann
  • Pediatric neurologist, Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC)
Klaus Baesel
  • Rights-Based Family Planning and Maternal Health Project
Jessica Whitney
Country Director
  • Safe Haven


Sopheary Luy
Senior Interventionist
  • Safe Haven


Rany Khut
  • Angkor Hospital for Children


Sethy Tan
  • Angkor Hospital for Children

Virak Seng
  • Illustrator and web design